Welcome! I'm Kathy, the Down East Genealogist. I was born, raised, and educated in Maine, lived in upstate New York for 25 years, and have resided since 2001 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. My checkered career has encompassed chemistry, photography, website development and management, technical writing, computer programming, and collectible trading card game development.

My retirement project is the continuing pursuit of those often elusive Downeasters, New Englanders, Islanders, and Quebeckers that populate my family tree. Pine Trees and Pedigrees chronicles my genealogical explorations, primarily in Maine.

My major family lines (the four grandparents) include:
  • Kirk (originally Kirkpatrick), in what is now Knox County, Maine
  • Hodsdon (or Hodgdon), in Oxford County, Maine
  • Murphy, immigrants from Prince Edward Island to Coos County, New Hampshire
  • Rabideau (originally Robidas), immigrants from Quebec to Coos County, New Hampshire
Stepping back a generation to my great-grandparents, I also follow the additional lines:
  • Sukeforth (originally Suchfort), in what are now Knox, Lincoln, and Waldo Counties, Maine
  • Rand, in Oxford County, Maine
  • McIntyre, on Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Woodward, in Vermont and in Coos County, New Hampshire
Additional lines of interest, starting with my great-great-grandparents, include Faulkner (Nova Scotia > Maine), Miller (Germany > Maine), Greene (Mass. > Maine), Brister (Mass. > Maine), McDonald (PEI), McLellan (PEI), Cloutier (Quebec), and Washburn (R.I. > Vermont).

I also keep a sporadic non-genealogy blog called Just One Damned Thing After Another.