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52 Ancestors: #9, Uriah Sawyer Woodward

Uriah Sawyer Woodward, my great great grandfather, was born circa 1846-471 in Danville, Caledonia County, Vermont,2 the seventh of eight children of Royal Woodward3 and Mary Hawley Sawyer. He first appears as 4-year-old "Uri" in the 1850 census,4 and again at 13 in 1860 (not shown).5

1850 U.S. Census, Danville, Caledonia, Vermont, Royal Woodward household
 He appears to have lied about his age, claiming to be 18 – he would actually have been only about 16, or at most 17 – when he enlisted as a private in the Vermont Third Battery Light Artillery on 28 Oct 1863. He mustered in on 1 Jan 1864, and mustered out on 15 Jun 1865.6 Eventually, on 1 May 1886, his widow would file for a pension based on his Civil War service.7
Excerpt from the Roster of Volunteers, Report of the Adjutant & Inspector General of the State of Vermont, 1863-1866

Pension index card for Uriah S. Woodward
Uriah was a farmer, first in Holland, Orleans County, Vermont,8 and later in Dummer, Coös County, New Hampshire.9 He married Mary A. (Washburn) Yates in Morgan, Orleans, Vermont, on 12 Apr 1867.10 (Although the date on the card appears to be 1869, the bride index card clearly says 1867 – and given the birth dates of the two oldest children, below, we will hope that 1867 is correct.)
Groom index card for marriage of Uriah S. Woodward and Mary Yates, 1867
They had six children:
  1. Edward S. Woodward, b. ca 1868
  2. Flora A. Woodward, b. 13 Apr 1869
  3. Eva May "Evie" Woodward, b. 27 Jan 1871
  4. George W. Woodward, b. 21 Apr 1873
  5. Charles W. Woodward, b. 2 Nov 1874
  6. Fred Uriah Woodward, b. 9 Oct 1876
1870 U.S. Census, Holland, Orleans, Vermont, Uriah Woodard household

1880 U.S. Census, Dummer, Coös, New Hampshire, Uriah Woodward household
Application for disinterment
of Uriah S. Woodward, 1908

Although still residing in Dummer in 1880, Uriah died in Holland, Vermont, on 7 Mar 1881. Nevertheless, he was buried in New Hampshire – twice. He was originally interred in the Willis Cemetery in Dummer, but in 1908, his youngest son, Fred, had his father exhumed11 and reburied in a Woodward-Yates family plot in Hillcrest Cemetery in Milan.12

The cause of death on the disinterment record is hard to make out (due to both poor handwriting and, apparently, worse spelling), but appears to be "Earsiplas on the [Bone? Face?]" – at a guess, this might be erysipelas.

My descent from Uriah S. Woodward:
  • Uriah Sawyer Woodward + Mary Washburn
  • Eva May Woodward + Peter Louis Rabideau
    • Glenna Marie Rabideau + William George Murphy (my maternal grandparents)

      Uriah S. Woodward grave marker   Woodward side of Woodward-Yates monument,
      Hillside Cemetery, Milan, New Hampshire

      (Note: This post is in response to Amy Johnson Crow's "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge at No Story Too Small.)

      1. This is based on his given age in the 1850, 1860, and 1870 censuses, and on his marriage record; the 1859 census places his birth year at 1846, and the other three sources at 1847. I find it hard to credit the implied birth in 1842 (from 1880 census) or 1843 (from his disinterment record and grave marker), when his age was given so consistently in the early censuses. See footnotes below for details of these sources.  
      2. “Vermont, Vital Records, 1760-1954,” index and digital images, FamilySearch ( : accessed 1 Apr 2012), groom index card for Uriah S Woodward-Mary Yates marriage, 1867; citing Secretary of State, Vermont vital records, State Capitol Building, Montpelier, Vermont.
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      James Griffin said...
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      James Griffin said...

      Impressive work, Kathy.
      My Grandmother Bertha Sias Griffin of Dummer, New Hampshire had been fond of her Grandmother Mary Washburn Yates Woodward; Grandma Bertha used to tell me she looked like her Grammie Woodward.
      Best wishes,
      Jim Griffin
      Forest Hills, New York

      Anonymous said...

      I sent you an email with a pic of Mary, Uriah's wife attached.

      Cindy Barris-Speke

      Anonymous said...

      I am going to be in NH in about 2 weeks. Since Mary S Washburn Yates Woodward was my 2nd gr grandmother, through her youngest Yates child, Carrie, I want to visit her grave. Is she buried there in Hillcrest? I don't walk all that well (COPD) so it would be helpful to know as much info ahead of time.

      PLEASE respond Kathy.

      Thank you,
      Cindy Barris-Speke

      King of Rochester said...

      I have some information on Flora Woodward, the sister of your ancestor. She married Payson Rich on 1 July 1885 in Milan, NH. Their daughter, Etta Mae, married MANY times but I was most interested in her marriage to Charles Alvin Bean, as I will show. I remember speaking with your brother Marshall about the Woodwards at NEHGS.

      Etta Mary (Mae) Rich (1887 - 1957)
      wife of great-uncle of husband of 4th cousin 1x removed
      Charles Alvin Bean (1869 - 1937)
      Husband of Etta Mary (Mae) Rich
      Caleb Fuller Bean (1830 - 1911)
      Father of Charles Alvin Bean
      Etta May Bean (1890 - 1917)
      Daughter of Caleb Fuller Bean
      Dorothy Zella Hart (1908 - 1950)
      Daughter of Etta May Bean
      Donald G Roy (1926 - 2009)
      Son of Dorothy Zella Hart
      Lorraine Mary Stephenson (1928 - 2010)
      Wife of Donald G Roy
      Mary S McLain (1910 - 1958)
      Mother of Lorraine Mary Stephenson
      Cornelius (Neil) McLean (McLain) (1861 - 1944)
      Father of Mary S McLain
      Catherine MacDougall (1837 - 1879)
      Mother of Cornelius (Neil) McLean (McLain)
      Neil James MacDougall (1798 - 1883)
      Father of Catherine MacDougall
      Donald McDougald (1765 - )
      Father of Neil James MacDougall
      Ann "Nancy" McDougald (1806 - 1865)
      Daughter of Donald McDougald
      Martina McLellan (1840 - 1908)
      Daughter of Ann "Nancy" McDougald
      Thomas Bernard Meggison (1877 - 1965)
      Son of Martina McLellan
      Ernest Joseph Meggison (1914 - 1995)
      Son of Thomas Bernard Meggison
      Thomas Frederick Meggison (1944 - )
      Son of Ernest Joseph Meggison
      Michael Thomas Meggison