Saturday, January 23, 2016

Oscillating Between the Horns of That Dilemma

It seems that the "little break" from blogging I said I was taking almost a year ago has turned into an extended hiatus. Not that I haven't been doing anything genealogical. Back then I decided I needed to move from Reunion to software with better source-handling and other capabilities, and spent a good deal of time pondering whether to go with RootsMagic or Legacy Family Tree.

Trouble was, I couldn't make up my mind. Still haven't, in fact. Initially I decided on RM for its superior source templating and location details, imported my GEDCOM, and spent a considerable amount of time converting sources, defining custom events, cleaning up locations, and the like. Then I had some second thoughts – largely due to Legacy's ability to copy and paste entire events complete with source citations – transferred everything to Legacy, and spent more time converting sources, etc., etc. Now I'm having third thoughts: maybe RM is the way to go after all, so I'm back to experimenting with that. I'm even debating the feasibility of maintaining my tree in both programs for the best of both worlds.

One way or another, I need to bite the proverbial bullet and get back to adding dead relatives and their associated records to some database. And then blog about them.

One other thing I planned to do last year did come to pass: I attended my first genealogy conference, NERGC 2015 in Providence, Rhode Island. More on that next time.

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