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Abigail (Faulkner) Kirkpatrick: 52 Ancestors #70

Abigail Faulkner, my 2nd great-grandmother on my direct paternal line and #17 on my Ahnentafel chart, was born 14 October 1808 in Maitland (part of what was then Douglas Township), Hants County, Nova Scotia.1

Map of Hants County, N.S., 1878.2 Maitland (in blue, NE corner) was split off from Douglas Twp. ~1835.

Abigail married Jabez Bradbury Kirkpatrick (later Kirk) on 13 Nov 1825,3 probably in Warren, Maine.

Although I have, elsewhere on this blog, named Edward and Margaret (Morrison) Faulkner as Abigail's parents, recent closer examination of my late brother's research files indicates that this was an early tentative hypothesis he had made, and that there is conflicting evidence he had not resolved. However, it seems certain that her father must have been one of the sons of Robert and Hannah (Faulkner) Faulkner, who were found in Douglas Township in an 1817 census of Hants County.4

Two other Faulkners near in age to Abigail are found in Warren in the mid-1880s, and are very likely her siblings. Olive Faulkner, born ca 1804 in Nova Scotia, married Philip Montgomery of Warren about 1824. The Montgomerys were closely linked with the Kirkpatricks: Philip and Olive named two of their sons Jabez K. and Silas K. (almost certainly for Jabez himself and his deceased brother), another son William married Jabez's daughter Eliza Jane, and both men were shipwrights who were almost certainly associated in the ship-building business. Also, a William Faulkner, born between 1800 and 1810, appeared briefly in Warren, in the 1840 census and in 1839-40 as a co-owner (with G. Boggs) of the brig Maumee, built by Philip Montgomery. None of these three Faulkners have been "placed" in a known Hants County Faulkner family, but the names given to several of Abigail's and Olive's children do suggest a close association to the Edward and Margaret (Morrison) Faulkner noted above. It's possible that Edward's brother William, who is supposed to have died unmarried, actually had a family after all.5

Abigail and Jabez had five children:
  1. Silas (1827-1909), m. Sarah C. Sukeforth (my great-grandparents)
  2. Jane Elisa (1829-1909), m. William H. Montgomery
  3. Samuel L. (1831-1873), no known marriage
  4. Martha A. (1834-1834)
  5. Harriet F. (1835-?), m. (1) John Anderson, (2) Thomas P. King
After raising their own children, Abigail and Jabez adopted the newborn daughter of her (presumed) sister Olive's sister-in-law, who died five days after the baby's birth. (Baby Georgianna Oliver was also the first cousin of Abigail's son-in-law William Montgomery, husband of Eliza Jane.)6

Abigail died on 4 October 1891, and was buried beside her husband Jabez, who had died seven years before, in Newcomb Cemetery in Warren.7

Gravestones of Jabez and Abigail (Faulkner) Kirk, Newcomb Cemetery, Warrent, Knox County, Maine

Gravestone of Abigail KirkRest of inscription uncovered

My descent from Abigail (Faulkner) Kirkpatrick:

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