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52 Ancestors: #28, Mysterious Mary, Part 1: Mary (Campbell) Bowlen – Unrelated Stranger?

In my post on my great-great-great-grandfather, Michael Murphy (52 Ancestors #17), I mentioned that I had gotten wind of several possible additional children – three female and one male – of Michael and his wife Magdelen, through an online tree.1

Of the four "possibles", the most mysterious is a thrice-wedded woman who may be my hitherto unsuspected great-great-grand aunt Mary A. Murphy2... or else an unrelated stranger named Mary A. (or Mary M.) Campbell. Or maybe, just maybe, there were two different Marys, one Campbell and one Murphy. But let me lay out the evidence and see what you think. To keep the length of my posts (somewhat) in check, I'm going to do this in three parts, one for each husband.

I have found no birth record on Prince Edward Island for either Mary Murphy or Mary Campbell, and this woman had left P.E.I. long before the Island's first fully nominal census in 1881. So my first glimpse of mysterious Mary is on 15 June 1853, when George Bowling and Mary Campbell married in Newburyport, Massachusetts. He was 23, a shoemaker, and born in Nova Scotia to William and Eliza Bowling; she was 24, born in Georgetown, P.E.I., to George and Martha Campbell. It was the first marriage for each and both were residents of Newburyport.3

Marriage of George Bowling and Mary Campbell, 15 Jun 1853, Newburyport, Mass.
Over the next six years, George Bowling, shoemaker, appeared in the Newburyport city directory living on Merrimack Street in 1855, 1856, and 1858 (but oddly, not in 1854).4 George and Mary had four children:
  1. George William Bowling, b. 1854, parents George & Mary M. (both b. Nova Scotia)5
  2. Edward Westley Bowling, b. ca 1856 (from census records, birth record not found)
  3. Albert A. Bowling, b. 1857, parents George & Mary Bowling (b. Nova Scotia and Newburyport),6 d. 1859 of consumption7
  4. Annabelle Bowling, b. ca 1859 (from census records, birth record not found)
The only census record is from the 1855 Massachusetts state census,8 listing:
  • George Bowlen, 26, shoemaker, b. Nova Scotia
  • Mary M Bowlen, 26, b. P.E. Island
  • George Wm Bowlen, 1, b. Mass.
  • William Bowlen, 17, shoemaker, b. Nova Scotia (apparently a half-brother of George's)9
  • Mary Riley, 16, b. Ireland (unidentified; perhaps William's girlfriend?)
1855 Massachusetts state census, Newburyport, George Bowlen household
In February 1859, a George "Bolen", age not given, died of consumption in Newburyport. (His son Albert would follow him less than three months later.) While his occupation is given as "mechanic" (not shoemaker), his birthplace is Truro, Nova Scotia, and his father is given as William Bolen (no mother listed), which fits what we know about George Bowling/Bowlen.10
Death record of George Bolen, 18 Feb 1859, Newburyport, Mass.
Add in the 1860 city directory listing for "Bowlen Mary Maria widow of George" at 215 Merrimac (George was at 216 in 1858, and I think the 215 might be a typo, as a Caldwell Bowlen, apparently another of George's half-brothers, is boarding at 216), and it's pretty certain that George "Bolen" was Mary's husband.11

1860 Newburyport, Mass., city directory, listing for "Bowlen Mary Maria widow of George"
The 1860 census shows the "Bolen" household consisting of Mary Bolen, 26, b. Nova Scotia, and Geo W (7), Edward W (4), and Annabell (1), all b. Mass (plus an unidentified 9-year-old Mary G. Austin).12

1860 U.S. census, Newburyport, Mass., Mary Bolen household
The Bowlens then drop out of sight until the 1865 Massachusetts state census, where we'll catch up with them in "Mysterious Mary, Part 2: Mary (Campbell) (Bowlen) Green – Still Unrelated?".

(Note: This post is in response to Amy Johnson Crow's "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge at No Story Too Small.)

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