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52 Ancestors: #48, Marie Pauline (St. Cyr) Robidas

My 3x great-grandmother, Marie Pauline St. Cyr, was born 24 October 1829 in Nicolet, Quebec, Canada, and baptized the following day at Saint-Jean-Baptiste Catholic Church in Nicolet. She was the oldest of five children of Jean-Baptiste Deshaies dit St. Cyr and Victoire Lemire. Although she shared her first name with her two sisters (Marie Henriette and Marie Philomene – Marie was a very common first name for French-Canadian Roman Catholic girls), as an adult she was called simply Marie. (I haven't yet tracked down her sisters to see what names they used.)

On 4 June 1849, Marie married Louis Robidas at Saint-Norbert d'Arthabaska, Quebec. The marriage was witnessed by her father and by his, Jean-Baptiste Robidas.

Over the next 23 years, Marie and Louis had at least 11 children (a suspiciously large time gap between Jean and Georges suggests there may be at least a couple of missing offspring there):
  1. Louis Robidas (AKA Louis Rabideau) (1850-1921), married 1) Marie Celina Cloutier, 2) Marie-Beatrice Croteau
  2. Joseph Robidas, b. 1852
  3. Jean-Baptiste Robidas, b. 1853
  4. Marie-Marguerite Robidas, b. 1855
  5. Alfred Robidas (1856-1920), married Olive Breton
  6. Louise Robidas, b. 1858
  7. Marcelin Sinaie Robidas (AKA Samuel Rabideau) (1861-1904), married Alvina Doyon dit Moreau
  8. Jean Robidas (AKA James Rabideau) (1863-1939), married Vitaline Mary Lemay
  9. Georges Robidas (AKA George Rabideau) (ca 1870-1901), married Domithilde Samson
  10. Anastasie Robidas, b. 1870
  11. Alred-Dominique Robidas (1872-1873)
Marie and Louis appeared in the 1861 census in Chester West, Quebec, but so far have eluded discovery in the 1871, 1881, or 1891 censuses. Judging from the locations of their children's baptisms, they moved from Arthabaska to Wotton in Wolfe County about 1851; to Saint-Paul-de-Chester in Arthabaska County around 1860; and to Sherbrooke sometime between 1863 and 1870.

A number of their children emigrated to Maine and New Hampshire, altering their surname to Rabideau. On 11 July 1870, Marie and Louis Robidas stood as baptismal sponsors for their oldest son's first child, Peter Louis Rabideau, born three months earlier in Milan, New Hampshire, and brought by his parents to Sherbrooke to be baptized at Saint-Michel-de-Sherbrooke.

Marie died 10 May 1895 in Bromptonville, Quebec, and was buried the next day at Sainte-Praxède-de-Brompton-Falls Roman Catholic Church in Bromptonville. Louis outlived her by 26 years, dying in 1921 in Sherbrooke.

My descent from Marie St. Cyr:

(Note: This post is in response to Amy Johnson Crow's "52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks" challenge at No Story Too Small.)

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